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Parish Life

Parish Life

Parish Life provides opportunities for people of all ages to be involved in the ministries and programs of the church. An annual Rally Day gives everyone an opportunity to learn more about the various ministries of the church and how individual talents and gifts can be shared with the community.


Description: Youth in grades 5 and up assist the clergy and congregation during the worship service.

Responsibilities: Acolytes begin the service by carrying in the cross and then assist the clergy during the service by serving at the table. Find a substitute if the assigned date does not fit your schedule.

Time Commitment: After a hour long training session, acolytes are rotated on a schedule for the Sunday service about every 8 weeks.

Altar Guild:

Description: To assemble the items needed for the worship service and prepare the altar before the service, then clean them and store them until the next service.

Responsibilities: Altar guild members set up the altar area before the service, then wash the items and return them to the storage area after the service. A few small altar linens are taken home by the altar guild member to be washed and returned the next week. Find a substitute if the assigned date does not fit your schedule.

Time Commitment: After a training session, altar guild members are scheduled in teams of two for a given month of the year. Only one person is needed each Sunday, so there is always someone else to rely on if someone has a scheduling conflict. Usually a person is scheduled for 3 times out of the year.

Bread Bakers:

Description: As part of the Altar Guild or independently, bread bakers supply the bread used in our weekly Eucharist.

Responsibilities: Prepare a 1-2 month supply of communion bread. Communion bread recipe.

Time Commitment: A few hours several times a year.

Canterbury Fellowship:

Description: Canterbury Fellowship is a parish based ministry to college students at Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges. Events are sponsored on and off campus, monthly Sunday brunches, weekly Eucharist at noon on Thursdays in the Carleton Chapel, prayer services during finals week, goodie bag care packages delivered to students and outreach opportunities. For current information see the Canterbury web page.

Responsibilities: Parishioners support the ministry by providing home baked items for the care packages, providing a home cooked item for the brunches, and assisting with larger Canterbury events.

Time Commitment: varies, usually help is needed for one time events and a sign up sheet is posted on the information table in the gathering area of church.

Chalice Bearers:

Description: A person who assists the priest by giving people the communion wine from a special cup called the chalice.

Responsibilities: Besides distributing the wine during the service, the Chalice bearer also reads out loud the prayers of the people from a binder during the service. Find a substitute if the assigned date does not fit your schedule.

Time Commitment: After a brief training session, chalice bearers are placed on the ministry schedule about once every 10 weeks.

Education and Formation:

Description: Education opportunities are available for everyone at All Saints; supporting the belief that learning is a lifelong process. See Education for All Ages for details about the various programs.

Facilities Committee:

Description: This committee oversees the church property and makes recommendations for improvements.

Responsibilities: Take notice of improvements that are needed and provide advice and skills for short term and long term projects.

Time Commitment: Meetings held as needed. Those with particular skills might be asked to help with smaller projects.

Fellowship Dinners:

Description: These dinners are a chance to gather in an informal setting at a parishioner's home and enjoy a theme based meal that everyone contributes to.

Responsibilities: There are usually multiple locations for fellowship dinners, after signing up, you can select an item to bring from the recipes that are provided.

Finance Committee:

Description: Serving as an advisory committee to the vestry; which is the main decision making body of the church; the finance committee makes recommendations for the wise use of church funds and provides advice and counsel to the church treasurer.

Responsibilities: Attend meetings and stay abreast of financial matters of the church.

Time Commitment: Meetings are held quarterly or as needed.


Description: Greeters serve as a welcoming presence for those who attend worship on Sunday Mornings.

Responsibilities: Greeters are available before the Sunday service to hand out bulletins, welcome those entering the church, assist those with special needs and provide directions to guide people through the service. After the service, they tidy up the church. Find a substitute if the assigned date does not fit your schedule.

Time Commitment: After a training session, greeters are placed on the ministry schedule about once every 8 weeks.


Description: Volunteers provide food items for the coffee hour held after the Sunday service.

Responsibilities: Provide simple snacks such as cookies, bars, muffins or breads after the service. Supplies to make lemonade and coffee are provided by the church, but need to be prepared by the host/hostess for the day.

Time Commitment: A sign up sheet is on the information table in the gathering area.

Intergenerational Programs:

Description: Several times during the year, the church sponsors events that include a meal and activities for all ages. Past events have included:

  • Pet Blessing on St. Francis Day
  • Advent Wreath Making
  • Mardi Gras Party


Description: To read the Bible lessons at the Sunday service.

Responsibilities: Read the lesson assigned in advance and then proclaim it to the assembled congregation on Sunday morning. Find a substitute if the assigned date does not fit your schedule.

Time Commitment: After a training session, lectors are placed on the ministry schedule about once every 10 weeks.

Men's Group:

Description: A gathering of men of the parish for fellowship and spiritual growth.

Responsibilities: Volunteers agree to host the dinner and conversation in their home once a month.

Time Commitment: Monthly meetings are held, usually on the third Wednesday evening of the month.

Music Ministries:

Description: All voices and instruments are welcome to participate in providing music for the service.

Responsibilities: Choir members are asked to rehearse one hour before the service. Instrumentalists and soloists rehearse at a mutually agreed upon time.

Time Commitment: Choir sings weekly from September through May; members sing whenever they can. Instrumentalists share their gifts on occasion. Organists and pianists are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Newcomer Committee:

Description: To welcome and assist those who are new to the congregation in becoming full, active members of the community.

Responsibilities: To recognize and greet those who are new to the congregation, informing them of the facilities and programs and answering questions they might have. Introducing newcomers to other members and providing means to incorporate them fully into the life of the parish.

Time Commitment: varies


Description: Opportunities are identified which address needs of the wider community and enable the congregation to become involved.

Recent congregational involvement:

  • Meals on Wheels - delivering meals to homebound
  • Seasonal Worker Meal - providing meals on a Sunday afternoon to workers at the packing plant in Montgomery
  • Foodshelf - donating food items
  • Christmas Sharing Program - providing items for children on a wish list
  • Community Day of Service - members form a team to clean up area parks
  • Relay for Life - Cancer Society Walk

Parish Doctor Program:

Description: Providing basic medical assistance such as blood pressure checks and presenting wellness and prevention opportunities.

A parish doctor is available to answer health related questions.

Stewardship Committee:

Description: Stewardship is a group that looks for ways to encourage people's gifts of time, talent and treasure on an ongoing basis.

Responsibilities: Annual campaign planning and execution and monthly meetings to discuss ongoing stewardship.

Time Commitment: Quarterly meetings, with a few additional meetings around the time of the annual campaign.


Description: The vestry is the governing body of the church.

Responsibilities: Members make policy decisions in conjunction with clergy and other leadership.

Time Commitment: Members are elected at the annual meeting to serve on the vestry for two years. Meetings are held monthly for two hours.

Worship Committee:

Description: The worship committee plans and implements the various worship service of the church.

Responsibilities: Assist the clergy in the planning of themes and ideas for worship services.

Time Commitment: Meetings are held seasonally.

Youth Program:

Description: A group of middle and high school youth gather together with adult leaders for various activities.

Responsibilities: Adults are needed to help plan, implement and chaperone events.

Time Commitment: varies, as needed